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These Terms Of Use And All Terms Incorporated Herein (hereinafter, The "terms") Apply To Your ("user", "you") Use Of The Services, Including IoExchange ( "website") The Technology And The Platform Integrated Therein And The Related Applications (including, Among Others, The Mobile Phone) Associated With It, Its Affiliates ("IoExchange", "we" Or "us").

We Offer You The Possibility To Use Our Services As Defined Above In The Following Terms And Conditions.

1. Execution And Modifications

  • These Terms Of Use Constitute A Binding Agreement Between IoExchange And The User As Soon As The User Visits The Website And Uses The Services. In This Way, The User Confirms That He Has Read And Accepted These Terms Of Use In Their Entirety Before Terminating The Registration Process.
  • You Agree That The Terms Of Use Are Updated From Time To Time By IoExchange. If You Do Not Read And Do Not Agree To The Terms Of Use In Their Entirety, You Must Not Use Or Continue To Use The Services.
  • We Reserve The Right To Change, Modify, Or Modify These Terms From Time To Time At Our Sole Discretion. We Will Notify You Of These Changes By Sending An E-Mail, Providing A Notice On The Website's Homepage And / Or Posting The Amended Terms Through Our Website And Updating The Date Of "last Updated "at The Top Of The Present. The Amended Terms Will Come Into Effect As Soon As They Are Posted On The Website.

2. Services Provided

  • Our Services Offer The Possibility To Exchange One Type Of Cryptographic Resource With Another.
  • For The Purposes Of This "exchange" We Mean The Exchange Of Crypto-Active Of A Type Against A Crypto-Active Of Another Type In The Conditions Defined By The Exchange Parties, Which Is Carried Out Through The Third-Party Service In The Chain Of Custody. Respective Blocks. Network. When Exchanging Cryptographic Resources, You Acknowledge And Agree That The Exchange Will Be Processed Via The Third-Party Exchange Service At An Additional Cost Applicable To That Exchange. You Acknowledge And Agree That Information On The Exchange Rate Made Available Through The Services Is Only An Estimate And May Differ From The Prevailing Rates Available Through Other Sources Outside Of Our Services.
  • The "cryptographic Resources" Mentioned In This Document Are Considered Types Of Activities That Can Be Transmitted Only And Exclusively Using Blockchain Technology, Including, But Not Limited To, Digital Coins And Tokens And Any Other Type Of Digital Medium, Such As Bitcoin. , Ethereum, Ripple, Etc., For The Absolute And Absolute Exoneration Of Titles Of Any Kind.
  • To Use All The Possibilities And Features Of Our Services, You Will Need To Follow The Registration Process And Create A IoExchange Account. "IoExchange Account" Is A User Account Accessible After The Registration Process And Through The Services, Where The User Can Request The Exchange Of Cryptographic Goods.
  • Change The Password, Which Is Generated Automatically By Our Services, For A Complex Password That You Do Not Use For Other Websites, Online Or Offline Services;
  • Provide An Accurate E-Mail, Which Really Belongs To You And Therefore Needs To Be Verified. Access To Services Provided By IoExchange Without Verification By Email Is Not Permitted;
  • Maintain The Security Of Your IoExchange Account And Notify Us Immediately If You Discover Suspicious Activity Related To Your Account;
  • Agree To Follow The Aml / Kyc Procedures, Which May Be Applied To The User According To Our Internal Aml / Kyc Policies. As Part Of These Procedures, IoExchange Reserves The Right To Request Additional Information And Documents, Which Are Bound, Without Limitation, To Identify Our User And Prove The Origin Of The Funds;
  • Take Responsibility For All Activities That Occur Under Your IoExchange Account.
  • To Complete The Exchange Through Our Services, Our System Will Automatically Generate The Particular Address, Which Contains Information About The User. (ii) The Cryptographic Activities The User Wishes To Exchange And Patrimonial Cryptography That He / She Wishes To Receive (jointly - "cryptographic Couple"); And (iii) The Destination Address Provided By The User (the Address To Which The Encrypted Assets Exchanged Will Be Deposited). All Addresses Are Reusable: These Addresses Can Be Used To Execute An Unlimited Number Of Transactions With The Same Parameters. If The Encrypted Pair And / Or Address Of The Recipient, New Address Will Be Generated By Our System.
  • Indemnize You And Keep IoExchange Without Reserve Against Direct, Indirect, Consequential Or Special Damages Or Other Damages Of Any Kind, Including, Without Limitation, Loss Of Use, Loss Of Profits Or Loss Of Data, Using An Act In Contract, Tort (concluded, Without Limitation, Not Only Negligence) Or Otherwise Arising From A Violation On The Use Of Our Services, Including, Limiter, Construction Transactions Etc.
  • IoExchange Does Not Provide Custodial Services, Which Means That You Do Not Store Your Cryptographic Assets On Deposits And Balances. In Limited Cases Such As, For Example, The Aml / Kyc Procedure, The Exchange May Be Delayed. The User Acknowledges And Accepts That Every Delay Is Possible; You And Reserve Indemnify Interviewed By Any Claim, The Claim And Damages, Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Special Or Other Damages Of Any Kind, Including, Without Limitation, Loss Of Use, Loss Of Use Or Loss Of Data, If An Action Of Contract, Illicit (including, But Not Limited To Refusal) Or Otherwise, Arising In Any Way Related Delay Exchange, Regardless Of Its Origin.

3. Aml And Kyc Procedure

  • In Accordance With Above Clause, IoExchange Reserves The Right To Apply The Aml / Kyc Procedure To Certain Users, Addresses And Transactions Relating To Particular Cryptographic Assets.
  • Updated Information On Aml / Kyc Procedures Is Still Available On Aml / Kyc.

4. Eligibility

  • Before Using The Services And On An Ongoing Basis, The User Declares, Guarantees And Accepts.
  • Use Our Services At Your Sole Discretion And At Your Own Risk;
  • You Are Solely Responsible For All Applicable Taxes That Can Be Paid When Using Our Services;
  • IoExchange Does Not Work In Banned Jurisdictions. IoExchange Reserves The Right To Choose Its Markets And Jurisdictions To Operate On And May Restrict Or Deny Services To Certain Countries At Any Time;
  • You Are At Least 16 Or Another Legal Age, Depending On Your Jurisdiction;
  • You Agree To Pay Commissions For Exchanges Made Through The Services Defined By IoExchange, Which We May Change From Time To Time;
  • The Internet-Based System Presents Risks, Such As The Failure Of Hardware, Software And Internet Connections And The Blockchain Protocol, Such As Any Malfunction, Unintentional Function, Unexpected Operation Or Blockchain Protocol Attack;
  • Make Sure That Your Cryptographic Assets Belong To You And Are Not Sold, Congested, Not In Conflict Or Seized And That No Third Party Rights Exist On Your Cryptographic Assets;
  • You Will Provide The Correct Information To Create Exchange (for Example, Payment And Payment Wallet Address). These Portfolio Addresses Must Not Be Associated With Terrorism, Fraud, Fraud Or Any Other Type Of Illegal Activity.
  • You Further Represent, Agree And Warrant That You Will Not Violate Any Law, Contract, Third Party Right Or Unlawful Act By Accessing Or Using The Services And That You Are Solely Responsible For Your Actions And / Or Inactions At The Time Of The Use Of Our Services. Without Prejudice To The Foregoing, The User Declares, Accepts And Guarantees That He / She Does Not;
  • Use Our Services Or Immediately Cease Using Them If A Law In Your Country Is Prohibited Or Forbidden At Any Time;
  • Use Our Services To Participate In Fraudulent, Fraudulent Activities Or Other Illegal Activities;
  • Exchange Through Our Services Or Try To Pay Cryptographic Assets Derived From Illegal Gambling; Fraud; Money Laundry; Or Terrorist Activities; Or Any Other Illegal Activity. With Our Services, The User Can Only Use Encryption Activities Obtained From Legal Sources;
  • Provide False, Inaccurate Or Misleading;
  • Try To Modify, Decompile, Decode Or Disassemble The Software The Way We Sort;
  • Use Any Robot, Spider, Robot Exploration, Scraper Or Other Means Or Interface That Does Not Provide Maximum Security For Access To Services Or To Extract Automated Data;
  • Attempt To Circumvent The Content Filtering Techniques We Use, Or Attempt To Access A Service Or Area Of ​​Our Services That You Are Not Authorized To Access;
  • Develop Any Third Party Application That Interacts With Our Services Without Our Prior Written Consent;
  • Encourage Or Encourage Third Parties To Engage In Any Activity Prohibited By This Section.
  • You And Reserve Indemnify Interviewed By Any Claim, The Claim And Damages, Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Special Or Other Damages Of Any Kind, Including, Without Limitation, Loss Of Use, Loss Of Profits Or Loss Of Data Or Loss Of Activity, That Agis An Action Of Contract, Violation Of (including But Not Only, Negligence) Or Other Original Or Otherwise Connected To Disabilities Or Violation Of The Provisions Of This Section And All Terms.

5. Content And Services Of Others

  • For The Purposes Of "third Party Content", We Mean Content Provided By Third Parties, Including, Without Limitation, Links To The Web Pages Of Such Topics, Which May Be Represented On The Website And Other Services. At The Same Time, "third Party Service" Means Any Platform Or Network On Which The Cryptographic Assets Belong To You Or On Which You Are The Beneficial Owner Of The Cryptographic Resources; And This Platform Is Managed By A Third Party Outside The Services; Included, But Not Limited To Third-Party Accounts.
  • No Control Over Third Party Services. Fees May Be Charged By The Third Party Service Provider. IoExchange Is Not Responsible For Third-Party Service Fees. The User Is Solely Responsible For The Use Of The Third Party Service And Agrees To Comply With All Terms And Conditions Applicable To Any Third Party Service.
  • Exchange Rate Divergence Is Still Possible Thanks To Third-Party Algorithms. You Acknowledge And Stay Bitnix Without Reserving Any Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Special, Special, Or Other Damages Of Any Nature, Including, But Not Limited To, Loss Of Use Or Loss Of Profits Or Data. , If It Contractual Action, Infringement (including, But Not Limited To, Limitation Of Negligence) Or Otherwise, Resulting Or In Any Exchange-Rate May, Whose Rate Of Discretion Is Less Than $10.
  • When You Use Our Services, You Can View Third-Party Content. We Do Not Control, Endorse (unless We Specify Otherwise) The Content Of Third Parties And We Are Not Responsible For The Content Of Third Parties, Including, Without Limitation, Elements That May Be Misleading, Incomplete, Incorrect, Offensive, Indecent Or Otherwise Reprehensible. In Addition, Your Business Relationships Or Your Correspondence With These Third Parties Are Exclusively Between You And Third Parties. We Are Not Responsible For Any Loss Or Damage Of Any Kind Arising From These Reports And You Understand That The Use Of Third Party Content And Interactions With Third Parties Are At Your Own Risk.

6. Intellectual Property

  • All Of Our Intellectual Property ("ip"), Including, But Not Limited To, All Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Service Marks, Trade Names, Software Codes, Icons, Logos, Characters, Content Of The Page, Trade Secrets, Buttons, Color Combinations And Graphics Are Protected By Local And International Intellectual Property Laws And Treaties.
  • We Grant You A Limited, Non-Exclusive And Non-Sublicensable License To Access Our Ip And Use It Only For Personal Purposes.
  • In Any Case, You May Not Alter, Modify, Reproduce, Distribute, Or Commercially Exploit Any Material, Including Text, Graphics, Video, Audio, Software Code, User Interface Design, Or The Logos.
  • The License Granted Under This Section Will Automatically Terminate If We Suspend Or Terminate Your Access To The Services.
  • If You Download Or Share Comments, Suggestions, Ideas Or Other Information Or Documents (the "content") With Us, You Automatically Grant Us A Worldwide License To Use Your Content. This Is In The Public Domain As Long As It Stays On Our Website And Services. It May Be Used For Marketing Purposes Or For Other Purposes, At Our Sole Discretion.

7. Communications

  • You Agree And Consent To Receive Electronically All Communications That IoExchange May Agree To Provide You With Respect To Your IoExchange Account And / Or Use Of Our Services. For The Purposes Of This Document, The Term "communications" Means Any Communication, Agreement, Document, Receipt, Notification And Disclosure That May Be Sent To You By IoExchange. You Can Withdraw Your Consent To Receive Electronic Communications By Sending A Notice Of Withdrawal Assistance. If This Is A Case, Give Up The Right To Invoke Ignorance. If You Refuse Or Withdraw Your Consent To Receive Electronic Communications, IoExchange May Suspend Or Terminate Your Use Of The Services.

8. Limitation Of Responsibilities

  • Unless Expressly Stated In Writing By Us, Our Services Are Provided "as Is" And "as Available". Expressly Disclaims, And The User Disclaims All Warranties Of Any Kind, Either Express Or Implied, Including Without Limitation The Implied Warranties Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose, Title Or Non-Infringement With Our Services , Statement Materials Contained In This Content.
  • Except As Otherwise Required By Law, In No Event Shall IoExchange, Our Directors, Officers, Members, Employees Or Agents Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Incidental Or Consequential Damages Or Any Other Damages Of Any Kind, Including But Not Limited To, Loss Of Use, Loss Of Profit Or Loss Of Data, In The Event Of A Contractual Contract, An Infraction (including, But Not Limited To, Not Limiting Negligence) Or Otherwise, Deriving Or In Any Way Related To The Use Or Inability To Use Our Services, Included Without Limitation, Any Damages Caused Or Resulting From Any Use Of Any Information On Information Obtained By IoExchange, Or Resulting From Errors, Omissions, Interruptions, Elimination Of Files Or Emails, Errors, Defects, Viruses, Viruses Or Transmissions With Lack Of Performance, Even Arising From A Majority Force Event , From Communica Tion, Flight, Destruction Or Unauthorized Access To Registers, Programs Or Services By IoExchange.
  • Exchanges Through Our Services Can Not Be Canceled By IoExchange. Therefore, Check The Details Of Your Exchanges Before Proceeding With This Exchange. IoExchange Is ​​Not Responsible For Your Cryptographic Resources Once They Have Been Sent By The Services. Furthermore, IoExchange Does Not Guarantee The Availability Of The Exchange.
  • To The Extent Permitted By Applicable Law, In No Event Shall IoExchange's Global Liability (including Our Directors, Officers, Members, Employees And Agents), Being Contract, Warranty, Tort (including Negligence, Negligence, What) Is Active Or Impended), Product Liability, Civil Liability Or Any Other Theory, Arising Out Of The Use Or Of The Unable To Use IoExchange Or From These Terms Exceed The Costs Paid By You To IoExchange In 3 Months Previously Date The Date Of All Distribution To This Liability.
  • We Strive To Protect Our Users From Fraudulent And Fraudulent Activities In The Field Of Cryptographic Resources. It Is Possible That Some Cryptographic Assets May Be Used For The Illegal Seizure Of The Good Or Be Interpreted As Fraud, Scams Or Any Other Activity, Recognized By Law As Illegal And / Or Not In Compliance With Legal Requirements. IoExchange Works With Law Enforcement And Other Relevant Authorities To Identify And Disclose These Cryptographic Assets. We Reserve The Right To Prohibit And Terminate Any Exchange Through Our Services With Such Cryptographic Assets, In Our Sole Discretion, Without Notice And Without Notice Of The Reason For Such Decision, As Soon As It Is Known.
  • You Acknowledge And Remember Bitnix Without Reserve Against Any Direct, Indirect, Incidental Or Special Or Consequential Damages Or Damages Of Any Kind, Including Without Limitation, Loss Of Use, Loss Of Use Or Loss Of Loss Of Use Data Relating To Contractual Contract, Violations (including, But Not Limited To Negligence) Or Otherwise, Originating In Or Relating To A Prohibition Relating To A Prohibition And Differentiation Of Trade On Our Web Site With Asset Credit.

9. No Offer Of Securities

  • IoExchange Takes All Possible Measures To Integrate And Exchange Only Coins, Tokens And Other Types Of Digital Exchange Media That Can Not Be Described As "security" By The Sec Or Other Competent National Authorities.
  • The Owner Of The Digital Token And / Or Digital Currency Is Responsible For The Fact That The Encrypted Asset Can Not Be Considered A "security". IoExchange Reserves The Right, In Its Sole Discretion, To Prohibit And Discontinue Any Exchange (as Well As Any Other Type Of Transaction) With The Token Or Currency If There Is A Risk Or Speculation That Such Tokens And / Or Parts May Be Treated As "security". ".
  • We Follow The Best Practices To Decide Whether Cryptographic Resources Are Secure Or Not. However, To Avoid Any Doubt, The Provisions Of This Clause Do Not Constitute Or Are Construed As A Guarantee And / Or Financial, Legal, Financial Or Other Advice, That Any Crypted Resource That Any Cryptographic Activity Is Available Through Our Services Is Not A Security.

10. Termination Of Conditions

  • We Reserve The Right To Terminate These Terms And To Delete Your IoExchange Account And Your Registration (including Your Username And Password) In The Following Circumstances:
  • If, For Any Reason, We Decide To Terminate The Provision Of The Service, Providing At Least Three (3) Calendar Days Advance Notice (which Will Be Sent By Email);
  • If We Believe That You Have Violated Any Of The Conditions Of These Conditions, Immediately And Without Notice;
  • If We Decide To Terminate Our Services Immediately Without Notice.

11. Applicable Law; Arbitration

  • You And IoExchange Agree To Arbitrate Any Dispute Arising Out Of These Terms Or Your Use Of The Services, With The Exception Of Disputes In Which One Of The Parties Claims Fair And Other Compensation For The Alleged Misuse Of Copyrights. , Trademarks, Trade Names, Logos, Trade Secrets Or Patents.
  • You And IoExchange Agree To Notify Any Dispute In Writing Within Thirty (30) Days Of Your Appearance. Notification To IoExchange Must Be Sent To support@io.exchange
  • Any Dispute, Dispute, Difference Or Claim Arising Out Of Or Relating To The Terms, Including The Existence, Validity, Interpretation, Execution, Violation Or Termination Of The Same Or Any Dispute Relating To Any Non-Contractual Obligations Arising Out Of Or In Connection With It, Will Be Mentioned And Finally Resolved By An Arbitration Administered By The Middle East Arbitration Rules In Effect At The Time The Arbitration Notification Was Submitted.
  • The Right Of This Arbitration Clause Will Be The Law Of The Middle East.
  • The Arbitration Office Will Be In Mena, North Africa.
  • The Number Of Arbitrators Will Be One. The Arbitration Procedure Will Be Conducted In English.
  • In Addition To The Procedures And Class Actions Described Below, The Arbitrator Is Entitled To Grant Any Remedy That Would Otherwise Be Available In Court. Any Dispute Between The Parties Will Be Governed By These Terms And The Laws Of The Middle East, Without The Implementation Of Conflicts Of Laws That May Provide For The Application Of The Laws Of Another Country.
  • If The Dispute Is Heard In Arbitration Or In Court, You Will Not Be Able To Bring A Class Action, Group Arbitration, Attorney Or Lawsuit Against IoExchange.

12. Miscellaneous

  • These Terms And Conditions Contain The Entire Agreement And Supersede All Prior And Contemporaneous Agreements Between The Parties Regarding The Services.
  • In The Event Of Any Conflict Between These Terms And Any Other Agreements You May Have With IoExchange, The Terms Of This Agreement Will Only Prevail If These Terms Are Specifically Identified And Declared To Be Replaced By This Other Agreement.
  • Our Failure Or Delay In Exercising Any Right, Power Or Privilege Under These Conditions Does Not Constitute A Waiver.
  • The Invalidity Or Inapplicability Of Any Of These Terms Will Not Affect The Validity Or Enforceability Of Any Other Of These Terms, Which Will Remain In Full Force And Effect.
  • You May Not Assign Or Transfer Any Of Your Rights Or Obligations Under These Terms Without The Prior Written Consent Of IoExchange, Including By Law Or In Connection With A Change Of Control. IoExchange May Assign Or Transfer All Or Part Of Its Rights Under These Terms, In Whole Or In Part, Without Your Consent Or Approval.

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