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AML Refers To "Anti-Money Laundering" And KYC Refers To "Know Your Customer".


We Strive To Protect Our Users From Fraudulent And Fraudulent Activities In The Field Of Cryptographic Resources. Some Cryptographic Resources May Be Used For Fraud Or Other Criminal Activity, As Defined By Law. To Avoid This, It Is Necessary To Take Steps To Ensure Customer Verification And Security Of Financial Transactions. One Of The Best Measures Is The AML / KYC Procedure, Which Allows Us To Confirm That You Are A Law-Abiding Person Or Company.

The IoExchange Service Has A Risk Classification System That Can Detect Suspicious Activity. If A Transaction Is Signaled By The System, It Is Put On Hold And The User Is Prompted For AML And Kyс Control. For Security Reasons, We Are Unable To Disclose The Specific Criteria Of Our System. However, It Has Proved Very Effective Against Money Launderers, Scammers, Etc.

The IoExchange Service Reserves The Right To Apply The AML / KYC Procedure To Particular Users, Addresses, And Cryptographic Asset Transactions. The Application Of The AML / KYC Procedure Is Based On The Internal Policies Of The IoExchange Service And Is Intended To Prevent And Mitigate Potential Risks Associated With The IoExchange Service Involved In Money Laundering And Other Illegal Activity.

Please Note That The IoExchange Service Reserves The Right To Designate A Third Party Service Provider To Comply With The AML / KYC Procedure On Behalf Of The IoExchange Service. When Processing Your Information, This Service Provider Fully Respects Our Privacy Statement Regarding Your Personal Information.

The IoExchange Service Will Not Enter Into Any Commercial Contract With Any Persons Suspected Of Being Directly Or Indirectly Involved In Money Laundering Or Where Funds Have Been The Source Of Illegal Activity.

AML And KYC Procedure

The AML / KYC Procedure Can Be Applied To These Payin Cryptographic Assets, Which Are Considered Suspicious By Our Automated Risk Prevention System. In These Cases, The IoExchange Service Will Contact You By E-Mail Registered With The Account.

The AML / KYC Procedure Includes The Confirmation Of The User's Identity Through:

  • A High-Quality Photo Of Their Id Card (passport Or Driving License) Valid In Their Country;
  • Proof Of The Origin Of The Funds;
  • Any Other Applicable Documentation.

Once The AML / KYC Procedure Is Complete, The Transaction Will Be Executed.

In The Event That The User Refuses To Undergo The AML / KYC Procedure, The Transaction Will Be Refused And The Cryptographic Resources Will Be Returned To The Place In Which They Come, Minus Of Applicable Fees. Subsequently, The IoExchange Service Will Block The User's Account And Insert The Address Of The Wallet In The Blacklist (exceptions May Apply To The Address Of A Trusted Service). This User Account Will No Longer Be Eligible To Use The IoExchange Service.

If The IoExchange Service Receives, In Response To Your Request For Documentation, Misleading Documentation, Contact Information Or Other False Information, The Cryptographic Resources Will Be Returned To Their Place Of Origin, Less Of Any Applicable Fees. The IoExchange Service Can Transmit The Information Collected During The AML / KYC Procedure To The Competent Authorities On Legitimate Request.


The IoExchange Service Continues To Work On Quick And Transparent Updates Of Procedures That Can Be Sent To Our Users By Email Or Other Means, As Well As On Our IoExchange Website.


If You Have Any Questions About The AML / KYC Procedure, Please Contact Us Via

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